NAS General Information

Selection Criteria

Tryouts in various cities will help coaches and combine directors choose their rosters for the NAS. A maximum of 30 players will be selected for each team. Only 10 players max will be given Exceptional Status and a guaranted roster spot before the combines. Players CANNOT play both Offence and Defense.

Tryouts & Teams

Combines will be held across both the USA and Canada. Follow link below for all combine dates and registration: Combine Registration

What does being an NAS All-Star mean?

You've worked hard to be the best in your country! Now it's time you face the best in another country. The NAS brings the best players in the USA and in Canada into one fierce competition with your country's pride on the line. Whats included in the NAS All-Star Experience:

  1. Team Uniform, Warm-Up Gear, Team Bag, and Accessories.
  2. Welcome BBQ and refreshments at all games.
  3. Opening Ceremonies and Jersey Presentation.
  4. All-Star Rings and various merchandise.

Testing & Combine FAQ's

All combines will consist of 2 portions. The first is 3 Baseline Tests will be completed at all combines: -Standing Broad Jump -Shuttle Run -40 Yard Dash The second portion will be a 7 v 7 for all Positions except Lineman who will be doing the Lineman Challenge. *Helmets and Cleats are required at all combines.*

General Info

6 Team Format for ALL 3 Age Groups 3 Canadian Teams, 3 US Teams
Field Time: Regional Combine- 4 Hours Team Practice- 3 Hours Round Robin- 2 Games Championship 1 Game*

Game Rules

North American All-Star GAME RULES & REGULATIONS


Our ALL-STAR games are crafted differently than others in that it places each team in a “real time, real scenario” playing atmosphere. Our thought process is that all who attend our event go away better than they came.

***Please make sure you read the rules thoroughly before the tournament!!***


******ALL ALL-STARS must complete on-line waivers and upload pictures, and color copies of original birth certificates, or passport or state id or military id for age verification. Age verification cutoff for this event is July 1st 2020

All ALL-STARS will be verified by our Elite Football Events Staff.

Age groups are as follows:

10u (9/10 yr. old), 12u (11/12 yr. old) 14u (13/14 yr. old)





  • NAS is a pool play tournament with a winner only bracket. Once a team loses twice in pool or by tie breaker they are out of the competition. If pool play results in a tie by record, the tie breaker rules will come in to affect which are Head to Head, Points Against, Points For, Point Differential, kicked field goals by each team (last resort to decide seed or pool play status, no field goals in regular play).
  • CHAMPIONSHIPS are a single elimination game, regardless of a team’s record in pool / bracket play. The Championship game is the ONLY regulation game of the tournament.
  • Unlike other sports, football is a full contact sport so for safety purposes, all pool play and semi-final games will have FOUR (4) 10 minute quarters
  • The game clock will be governed by Elite Football Events (EFE) Staff. In the case of clock issues, the referees will be responsible for the clock.
  • There will only be 2-time outs per half
  • Halftime will be 8 minutes long
  • There will be only two kick offs in the game; at the beginning of each half only, determined by a coin flip. Afterwards, when a team scores, the ball will be placed on the 20-yard line of the opposing\receiving team.
  • There will be no coaches on the field for 10u, 12u or 14u
  • Field length for all teams will be set by Canadian High School rules
  • Major penalties will be ten (10) yards, except unsportsmanlike conduct on any coach, player or team mom\parent will be 15 yards.
  • If a player, coach is ejected by a referee or tournament official for ANY reason, they will be disqualified for the entire tournament, no matter their official position on that team. i.e. Head Coach, Players, Team Mom, Parent etc. and NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED!!
  • Two (2) points will be awarded for a successful kicked extra point and one (1) point will be awarded for a successful run or pass.
  • All interceptions and fumbles can be advanced for yards and or a score.
  • If a team is winning by 28 or more points at the end of the 1st half or any time thereafter, the game will be played with a running clock even if the score difference becomes less than 28 points. For championship games, if a team is up by 28 in the 3rd quarter, the running clock will be in effect and will not stop. This rule has become necessary in order to add a degree of scoring control in games that are between teams that are not matched in talent, experience, size, etc. It is highly encouraged, and shall be required, that winning coaches take all necessary steps available to control the high level of scoring in unmatched game.
  • Declared Punts – On fourth down, the offense can declare a punt, or have it walked off 20 yards. If punted, wherever the ball lands or is fielded is where the offense will start. There is no rush once a punt has been declared, wherever the ball lands or is fielded is where the offense will start. The ball will not be advanced by a punt return team in any age. Teams can however field the punt. Punting team must inform the referee of intention prior to the play, who in turn informs the opposing team. If the ball is snapped over the punter’s head, the ball must be punted from the recovery spot.
  • Championship games will be played in FULL REGULATION fashion, except for kick offs and in this case will still be the 2-kickoff rule, which equates to 1 per half, determined by coin toss.


Both Head Coaches will be called to the middle of the field and will participate in an overtime coin toss. The winner of the coin toss can decide either to go on offense or defense or choose which end of the field they will play on. Each team will receive the ball on the 3-yard line and must try for a conversion via run which is 1 point or pass or kick which is two points, for 3 rounds. If a winner is not decided after two rounds, each team must pass for two after two rounds and will continue until a winner is decided.

Mandatory Equipment:

  • Helmet (NOCSAE approved) with face guard
  • Mouthpiece
  • Shoulder pads
  • Practice football jersey
  • Protective hip and spinal pads
  • Thigh pads
  • Knee pads
  • Practice regulation football pants
  • Socks
  • Molded “plastic” spiked cleats or other approved football shoe (no metal spikes)
Elite Football Events Staff have the final say on ALL decisions