Trading Rules

Every player will receive a lanyard and 25 stickers/cards of their own team logo. (Additional lanyards & stickers for siblings/friends are available for purchase at Riverworks Arena.


Each participant must then trade their 25 logos for 25 different team stickers/cards. 


All collected stickers must be stuck to back of lanyard and all collected cards must be in carrying case.

Participants who collect 25 different team stickers/cards and email a picture of their completed badge to on or before 5pm the Saturday of the tournament, will be entered into the raffle for amazing prizes. (TV's, PS4's, Drones, iPads, Etc..)

Trading Champions


Elite Football Events features a unique event for the players and siblings to participate in, found only at EFE Events.  


We have created embroidered stickers and laminated cards with each organization’s logo attending our events for the players to trade. The players participating in the trading will have an experience they'll never forget!

The purpose of the embroidered stickers and laminated card trading is to create an environment of cooperation, sportsmanship and friendship.  We have also created many contests for trading that we hope will keep the players engaged in this spirit.

Before the start of the tournament, each player will be given 25 logo stickers/cards of their own team (included in each team registration package) and a badge/card pack to collect their trades onto! 

Sticker/Card Trading Contest

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